Welcome to the Women on the Wharf

Women on the Wharf (WOTW) is a network of professionals from member organisations across Canary Wharf.  With its unique geographic focus we can organise and signpost events and encourage networking both face-to-face and on-line, with the objective of supporting the career progression of women professionals in participating member organisations.

There are four key pillars which drive this impact:

  1. Networking – connection to a strong network of influential women
  2. Mentoring – Being a pool of unrivalled mentoring capability
  3. Career – Personal development, sharing of opportunities and a place of encouragement
  4. Education – access to member-firm knowledge sharing events, provision of relevant speakers, opening up courses across the members and more.

Many organisations across the wharf are already members including: Barclays, BP, Citi, Clifford Chance, HSBC, HSBC Global, KPMG, Mastercard, State Street, Thomson Reuters, JP Morgan, EY, BNYmelon, Refinitive, S&P Global, BAML and Paysafe.  If your organisation is a member of WOTW we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. If you would like your organisation to join WOTW, please reach out to us: londonwotw@gmail.com

Heeral Pandya & Di Black

WOTW Chairpersons


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