Rose & Willard Event

Heidy Rehman, Founder & Managing Director of the clothing brand Rose & Williard, invited the Women on the Wharf SteerCo members to attend an event called ‘Confidence Tricks’ on Thursday 15th September at The Clubhouse in St. James’s Square.

Heidy kicked off the event by giving a talk about why she chose to lead a positive body language campaign for the brand’s AW16 collection. We heard about how she studied recent advertising images of women and that they typically show them as passive, sexually available or intellectually lacking. Then she told us the story of how they chose to include a variety of women models (including plus size, of colour, disabled, older, alternative and a model health campaigner) and how she herself directed them to have more positive body language, including a solid centre of gravity (no crossing of legs), head-to-toe straight posture, taking up space, a closed mouth and a direct look (most often to camera).

Then guest speaker Natasha Abbasi, who had a career in finance before becoming a psychotherapist, gave a talk on assertively handling everyday workday challenges, including what to do during heated discussions with colleagues and tricks for resetting your mentality during a really difficult day. There was one tidbit of advice she gave us that really resonated with a lot of attendees: try never to have a conversation with anyone who is not in the room. You will save yourself hours, if not days and weeks of time.

It was a great opportunity to network with other interesting women, learn a few new things, as well as have a chance to take a look at Rose & Willard’s new collection, all over a glass of wine and some delicious canapes.

For more information on Heidy’s confidence campaign: click here


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