Rose & Willard Event

Heidy Rehman, Founder & Managing Director of the clothing brand Rose & Williard, invited the Women on the Wharf SteerCo members to attend an event called ‘Confidence Tricks’ on Thursday 15th September at The Clubhouse in St. James’s Square.

Heidy kicked off the event by giving a talk about why she chose to lead a positive body language campaign for the brand’s AW16 collection. We heard about how she studied recent advertising images of women and that they typically show them as passive, sexually available or intellectually lacking. Then she told us the story of how they chose to include a variety of women models (including plus size, of colour, disabled, older, alternative and a model health campaigner) and how she herself directed them to have more positive body language, including a solid centre of gravity (no crossing of legs), head-to-toe straight posture, taking up space, a closed mouth and a direct look (most often to camera).

Then guest speaker Natasha Abbasi, who had a career in finance before becoming a psychotherapist, gave a talk on assertively handling everyday workday challenges, including what to do during heated discussions with colleagues and tricks for resetting your mentality during a really difficult day. There was one tidbit of advice she gave us that really resonated with a lot of attendees: try never to have a conversation with anyone who is not in the room. You will save yourself hours, if not days and weeks of time.

It was a great opportunity to network with other interesting women, learn a few new things, as well as have a chance to take a look at Rose & Willard’s new collection, all over a glass of wine and some delicious canapes.

For more information on Heidy’s confidence campaign: click here


A Lunch & Learn Session with Isabelle Campbell

Isabelle Campbell, wellbeing consultant, trainer and life coach spoke to members of Women on the Wharf during a lunch session hosted by S&P Global. The event was well attended and provided a good opportunity to network with member companies over lunch.

Key takeaways from Isabelle’s motivating talk included:

  • Resilience is the ability and confidence to bounce back from adversity.
  • Acquiring a set of tools is the key to build resilience.
  • These tools include:
  • The ability to experience both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. This avoids catastrophic thinking.
  • The ability to tell a different story about a situation, which involves stretching oneself to get different facts.
  • Employing question thinking which is both neutral and nonjudgmental.
  • Practicing gratitude/kindness as scientific evidence as shown that this increases our serotonin levels and make one feel better about ourselves.


“I thought Isabelle was great and the topic was something that definitely resonated with me.  Her delivery was superb and I liked the way she used simple every day examples and told stories personal to her.  The lunch and the first venue where we congregated was great as we got to mingle and meet colleagues from different institutions.  The venue for the talk was fine but a little cramped (I assume because the talk was so popular).  If WoTW are going to organise similar talks with practical everyday issues such as resilience I would definitely attend.”

“Speaker: eloquent and well-presented. Her delivery was phenomenal and I ‘bought-in’ to her experiences and her suggestions. Content: for once I feel like I walked away with resources to practice / implement. Given that she only had an hour to convey this, she got across all this information clearly and with good examples. Venue & food: both great. It was a treat to walk 4 minutes to an excellent food & beverage spread. Organisation: great. I feel lucky to have opportunities like this and thank the organisers (as much as the speaker herself). Everything flowed really well, the women had a chance to network before-hand. It was very well executed. “

“It was truly motivating  and I certainly left the room feeling more empowered and with an extra dose of optimism! The venue was perfect. The space used for our lunch was open and very bright so ideal for networking. Isabelle was authentic and approachable  so she made the event really welcoming. I really love the fact she gave away easy to remember tips to better our lives one decision at a time.”

Congratulations to WoTW’s member Vivienne Artz on winning Champion for Women Awards 2016


The co-founder of a network that empowers women across the UK working in corporate data privacy to realise their potential and break the glass ceiling has been named Champion for Women, in the 19th Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievement. Vivienne Artz, a Managing Director and Head of International for Intellectual Property Law at Citi, is co-founder of Women Leading Privacy (since absorbed into the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)) – a network relevant to the growing demand for chief data privacy officers.

Vivienne is an accomplished, principled and enthusiastic champion of women not only through thought and voice, but also through action and active sponsorship of a number of significant initiatives. Vivienne has a number of “firsts”, including setting up and chairing the Legal & Compliance Women’s Group at Citi, co-founding Women Leading Privacy in the UK (an external and cross-sectoral network), and initiating and chairing the first EMEA Legal Diversity Committee, with a specific focus on gender. As co-chair of the Citi Women Diversity Network for two years (now on the Steering Committee), Vivienne oversaw the transformation of the network in several ways, with membership increasing by 50%. She is Chair of the Data Protection Working Group for the Association of Financial Markets in Europe and Chair of the Data Working Group for the International Regulatory Strategy Group.

In collaboration with Citi Research, Vivienne organised a launch event for the Citi Global Report on “Women in the Economy: Global Growth Generators” in 2014 with Citi’s clients and in conjunction with Pembroke College, Oxford University alumnae. The report demonstrates that women are essential to generating growth in the global economy. Vivienne generously shares her time and experience as a mentor within and outside of Citi with a large number of women (Women on the Wharf, Woman in Finance, Coaching for Success). Being seen as a successful role model for women in banking and finance enables Vivienne to demonstrate the qualities that the younger generations can aspire to. For example, one of her mentees writes: “As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusiveness, she creates a working environment in which difference is celebrated and people from all backgrounds can succeed and flourish.”



Lee Miller Exhibition

Citi sponsored the recent WotW event on Tuesday  6 April for the WotW Steering Committee and each members Network chairs for a private viewing of the “Lee Miller: A Woman’s War” exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

The private viewing for 20 attendees was led by Louise Spence, Citi Art Curator, who set the scene of Lee Miller’s private life and times, and then guided us through the exhibition of photos, paintings, voice, film artifacts and sounds, exploring both the many and varied lives of Lee Miller, whether as a muse for Picasso,  both in front of and behind the camera including her time at Vogue Magazine, and her work as an official photographer both before, during and after World War II.  Much of the focus was on Miller’s work from the Blitz in London, to the frontline of mainland Europe after D-Day, and images from the Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps, which included some incredibly moving images, experimenting with different artistic styles and perspectives.

After a fascinating tour and discussion, we enjoyed a glass of wine and a chance to discuss the amazing evening and to get to know each other better.  A most enjoyable evening, and one which we will remember and aim to replicate again soon.



Network like a Rockstar

Women on the Wharf in association with Mastercard, Thomson Reuters and Barclays held a networking seminar ‘ How to Network like a Rockstar’ hosted by Jaymin Patel on March 3rd 2016.

During this session, Jaymin helped attendees:

  • Build personal relationships/connections
  • Understand the networking pitfalls
  • Identify useful networking tips
  • Understand key gender and ethnic differences
  • Determine what you need to do to become a Rock-star networker for promotion,
    career development or just meeting new people.

After the seminar there was opportunity to put into the practice the theory Jaymin covered to network with each other and an chance to get a signed copy of Jaymin’s new book.



Welcome to Women on the Wharf

Welcome to the Women on the Wharf site!

Women on the Wharf (WOTW) is a network of professionals from member organisations across Canary Wharf.  With its unique geographic focus we can organise and signpost events and encourage networking both face-to-face and on-line, with the objective of supporting the career progression of women professionals in participating member organisations.

In 2016, WOTW will focus on “Empowering Women in the Workplace” – connecting women to enable them to support each other through shared experiences, ideas and increasing their impact in the work place.

There are four key pillars which drive this impact:

  1. Networking – connection to a strong network of influential women
  2. Mentoring – Being a pool of unrivalled mentoring capability
  3. Career – Personal development, sharing of opportunities and a place of encouragement
  4. Education – access to member-firm knowledge sharing events, provision of relevant speakers, opening up courses across the members and more.

Many organisations across the wharf are already members including: Barclays, BP, Citi, Clifford Chance, Credit Suisse, HSBC, KPMG, Mastercard, State Street and Thomson Reuters.  If your organisation is a member of WOTW we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. If you would like your organisation to join WOTW, please reachout to us:

Cindy Smith & Caterina Pavone

WOTW Chairpersons